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I’ve been dealing with Forex for 32 years. I can say I’m a Forex veteran with lot of trading experience on strategies and Expert Advisors. Professional Forex trading isn’t gambling. We focus on serious learning against the negative reputation of Forex. So learn to earn!

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32 years experience – a Forex veteran

Géza Várkuti, the owner this website, is a business entrepreneur, financial analyst, stock market trader, mentor and author. He was born and raised in Hungary but also lived in Germany and Austria.

For over three decades, he has been actively present on the stock exchange market. When he started to trade there was no Metatrader yet, orders were placed over the phone. His first book is entitled Forex-trading (From Subsistence to Independence) published in Hungarian. It explains, through pragmatic examples, how the international foreign exchange market works. Describes the basic understanding of Forex trading. Many still consider it the “Bible” of beginners. Among other achievements he is the founder of Forex-Consult GmbH, a consulting firm in Germany and he launched the first Hungarian stock exchange club called Traders Night.

Author and mentor

He is the author of several eBooks, one of which has been translated into 5 languages including Korean.
Currently he lives and works in Cyprus. He provides 1-2-1 mentoring programme based on 32 years of experience.

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What our customers say

After I burned my account 2times, I decided this couldn’t go on. I definitely didn’t want to stop, so I had to find a new way. Thanks to Geza, I already know what’s going on.


After 3 years, my balance was constantly dancing around 0, but thank God I found Géza, and since the second week, my account has been rising slowly and surely. Make a deal!!!


I may say without modesty that I am already a successful trader, but the consultations have been very good. I learned a completely different market approach. I sincerely recommend coaching for those who progress.


I’ve only been to Mr. Varkuti for a month, but I’ve learned a lot. Since then, I’ve been trading in strategies I’ve had in my hands, and i’ve made a 23% profit in 3 months. Thank you!