The automatic version of the strategy – the Envelope Forex Robot

Envelope strategy
a Very Special Trend Following System

Stable and transparent, minimal effort, maximal profit and a real time-saver

No Rocket Science

Whether you have never touched a chart or are a Forex-Ninja, this service is built for users of all skill levels…

The Envelope System is a powerful Forex robot that comes with easy to use Expert Advisor

2020 - Winnig rate 117%+

With 1 standard lot it would be enough for…
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Collect the form, and you’ll get the code for the video, where You will learn the award winning strategy step by step.

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It’s possible to buy the robot first and open a trading account after.


Investing in Shares means that you can trade with popular companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook. With Shares, you have the ability to trade head to head with your favorite company without having to rely only on the increase of the company’s Shares. With CFDs, you trade on the instrument’s price movement without needing to actually own a Share.

  • Popular. Shares are among the most highly traded instruments.
  • Opportune. Find various trading opportunities.
  • Dynamic. Shares affect the global economy and are affected by it.
  • Mobile. Trade from anywhere at any time through MT4.

Klimex Capital Markets

FX (foreign exchange) can be traded 24 hours a day 5 days a week. This means despite your busy schedule there is always time for you to trade. There is always something happening in the markets. You can be on the golf course, between meeting, at the gym or out for lunch with friends with our mobile trading platforms you can also trade on the go.

Forex markets are very volatile which presents many more trading opportunities in rising and falling markets.

Unlike share trading, the FX markets have over $4 trillion worth of liquidity trading through it every trading day. There are always a lot of people trading so you will have no issues getting in and out at the price you want.