If market running – USE IT!

1st step

Write in the Expert Advisor when will appears the economic datas

2nd step

5 seconds before the news, the Expert Advisor put 2 Pending orders, a buy stop and a sell stop.

3rd step

If one of them will activated, delete the oder one and take care about the trade. (Trade management)


Event Manager

A lot of times, the market is trickling in for days because there’s no real volatility. If there’s any news coming out, the price will go up and you’ll make 50-100-200 pips in seconds. I’m sure you’ve looked enviously at the post-news rally – “It would have been nice to be in it!” But selling economic news has more difficulty.
• We don’t know where the price will break out
• If the rally starts it is often impossible to open a position or manage the running currency (e.g. close it), because of the sudden high volatility, the broker’s server responds only with a large delay.

EventManager solves all two issues
EA puts in 2 Pending orders right before the news.
A Long and a Short.
Everywhere the market starts, you can be in it!

The price of the Expert Advisor 199€

Recoup with 2 trades!

What do previous clients say

First of all, I would like to thank Géza for the work he does and especially for sharing his knowledge and experience with us!

I participated in the training of the Key Level strategy it offers and I can say that the package is very professional (seminar invitation, webinar quality, notes received, video recording is outstanding). The clarity and attentiveness of the presenter are exemplary.

The knowledge I received fully met my expectations, I can only recommend it!

ZsoltWebinar Márc.4.

Dear Géza,

It was a great pleasure for me to attend the Key Level Strategy presentation.

I found the presentation very well structured and understandable.

I look forward to the link to the recording of the lecture so that I can study the verbal additions to the text I have written. (Since then received)

KálmánWebinar Márc.4.

Dear Mr. Várkuti,

The March 4 online seminar was very rough and helpful. The presentation was logical and well-followed.

In terms of value for money, I think it stands out among the courses currently available in Hungarian.

Thank you very much

BalázsWebinar Márc.4.

Géza Szervusz!

Thanks for the link and I was able to watch the presentation. Your captivating enthusiastic style gave you an enjoyable hour and a half.

Hi. Peter

ZsuzsaWebinar Márc.18.